Options In Lead Blocks For Sale

by | Nov 14, 2018 | Industrial Goods and Services

Lead bricks or blocks are sold for a wide number of different applications, but they are most commonly used when there is a need for high levels of radiation protection. The lead blocks and bricks are typically used in nuclear facilities or to contain radioactive materials in industrial applications or for research or energy production.

Additionally, lead blocks for sale can also be used in the manufacturing of customized lead vaults or caves, designed to protect sensitive equipment or to hold radioactive materials with different facilities.

There are two different styles or types of lead blocks for sale by top lead suppliers and manufacturers. The choice of either of these blocks is largely a factor of the specific use of the structure once it is completed.

Flat Bricks

Flat bricks of lead, as the name indicates, are similar to traditional bricks but larger in size. They have smooth sides and can be easily stacked together in vertical or horizontal walls.

Typically, these types of bricks are either used in permanent fixtures, or they are used when the shielding needs to be relocated frequently an only requires a wall type of protection. Painting or finishing of the bricks is often done to eliminate concerns about lead exposure.

Lead Blocks

Interlocking lead blocks for sale offer greater versatility in constructing vaults, caves and other types of structures. As they interlock, they are more secure and durable and can be designed in a wide range of different configurations. These blocks, like the lead bricks, can be coated or painted for additional safety without any change in their radiation protection levels.

Both flat and interlocking bricks and blocks come in a variety of different standard sizes. The interlocking blocks also offer blocks designed for corners, top bricks, base bricks and specific shapes for creating detailed elements in the design.

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