Options For Child Dyslexia Treatment

If your child has dyslexia, treatment is not an option. It is essential. You have several alternatives; however, they do not include pharmaceuticals. Research clearly indicates this method is not effective. Drugs may help if your child has co-existing conditions or disorders such as ADHD. What is critical is that you understand the disorder, its extent, and what treatments are possible.

What Is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a specific LD. Children who have dyslexia exhibit the following characteristics:

* Difficulty with word recognition

* Problems with spelling

* Trouble with decoding

They do not readily access definitions of words as they read a page. In fact, the entire act of reading is laborious. It is frustrating and replete with many errors. The extent of the issue is only visible through assessment. Identification of the problem through testing will note whether the problem is mild or even severe. Assessment will also clarify specific characteristics of the disorder.

Treatment Options

As noted above, medication is not effective when it comes to dyslexia treatment for children (or adults). What the situation requires is a multi-prong approach. Professionals in and out of your child’s education system have their own methods and approach. The following are some of the various professionals your child may need:

* Teachers

* Child psychologists

* Learning specialist

* Reading specialists

* Speech-language pathologists (SLPs)

These professionals will work together to ensure your child can do more than “cope with” a problem that will be present throughout their life.

Dyslexia Treatment for Children

Dyslexia is a disorder without a cure. It requires a group effort to help a child learn how to overcome the problems resulting from this disorder. Educators, psychologists, and parents need to work together to ensure a child receives the type of individualized dyslexia treatment they require to combat a problem that will remain for their entire life.

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