Optional Personal Injury Protection From Car Insurance Companies in Elyria OH

Car Insurance Companies in Elyria OH offer a variety of optional types of coverage in addition to the required liability coverage. Ohio laws mandate liability insurance, and if someone is caught driving without this coverage, the driver’s license will be suspended for 90 days. A second offense results in a license suspension of a full year.

If the vehicle owner is financing the car or truck, the bank or other lending institution typically requires comprehensive and collision coverage from Car Insurance Companies in Elyria OH. That way, if the vehicle ever is seriously damaged, the financial institution can recoup at least some of the borrowed amount. The owner is still responsible for any outstanding balance, even if the vehicle was declared a total loss.

Otherwise, all other kinds of coverage are optional and serve to protect the policyholder. For example, personal injury protection, known as PIP, pays for accident-related medical bills even if another driver was at fault. Without this coverage, an injured person may have to wait a lengthy time frame for a settlement from the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

If the vehicle owner has health insurance, the PIP coverage should pay for any bills not covered by that insurance. For instance, the policyholder should be able to have any deductible and co-pay amounts paid for by PIP. That part of the automotive insurance policy also pays for a certain amount of lost wages as the policyholder recovers. It even pays for other aspects related to the person’s temporary disability. For instance, if this individual needs transportation to appointments with a doctor or for physical therapy, PIP will pay for taxi service. If the person cannot do yard work, it may pay for that as well.

An independent agent with a firm such as Schlather Insurance Agency can answer questions about PIP and help vehicle owners decide whether they want to include this coverage in their automotive insurance policy. Adding the coverage means a somewhat higher premium, but for many people, the wide-ranging protection of this option makes it appealing. Visit the website  or their Facebook page for this particular agency’s contact information.

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