On Choosing a Detox Program: Helpful Tips to Guide You through

Going into detox and rehab is a solid step in the right direction. But with plenty of detox programs in Sacramento, it can be a bit of a daunting task to choose one. Here are helpful tips to guide you through the process:

Choose a program

There are 3 types of programs you can choose from: inpatient, outpatient and the third, a combination of the first two. To find out which one suits you, it’s important that you know what each treatment program offers.

Know the difference

Inpatient programs will require you to stay at the facility for the duration of the treatment. If your environment is a key factor in your addiction, given its easy and convenient access to alcohol—then going go for an inpatient treatment program might be wise. This also helps you focus entirely on your recovery, improving your chances of kicking the habit for good. If you can’t leave work, though, outpatient treatment programs are much more flexible. If you want a bit of both, go for a combination of the two.

Ask about the program

What kind of activities will they ask you to participate in? What kind of care treatment plans will they provide you with? Will they allow you to see your family? Is your family’s participation encouraged? These questions can help you figure out which treatment facilities will be a better fit for you.

Go for custom care plans

For better, more effective results, you’ll want to look for detox programs in Sacramento that cater to your unique and specific needs. Not all treatment centers design their programs with this in mind so be wise about your options.

Think about your exit plan

Ask about your exit plan as well, says the Addiction Blog. Will the facility provide aftercare assistance? This can prevent future relapses from happening so find out.

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