Old School Technology With New Designs In BUIS

Many hunters, shooters and even casual gun owners today are used to sighing in their weapons using optics and scopes. These may be red dot or crosshair types of systems, but they all provide a very easy to use, effective way to sight in a target.

However, there are also a lot of issues that can occur with optics and scopes. They can be damaged if they are used in the field or banged around when hunting or in target practice. They can also have issues with batteries or problems with mounts that make them inaccurate or simply non-functioning.

The Benefits of Back Up Iron Sights

To avoid these issues, most serious hunters, target shooters and gun owners always have a set of BUIS on the weapon. Back up iron sights are not a new technology, although, in the past, they were the primary way of targeting and not the backup option.

For some serious gun owners or competitive shooters, they may still be a focus on the use of BUIS. This means these individuals may have optics on their weapons, but they take the time to learn and practice with the iron sights as well. For most gun owners, this is the ideal combination.

New Technology

New designs in the BUIS make them an ideal addition to a weapon, even if you are currently using a scope. Flip-up iron sights allow the shooter to keep the sights down and out of the way or, with a quick flip up, have them fully sighted in and ready to use.

For many long guns, the use of the flip up sights on the gas block is a great addition to the weapon. Different sights can also be designed to the rail mounted or to come with set screws or crossbolt for easy installation.

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