Obtaining a Higher Settlement Offer With the Help of an Injury Attorney in Kenosha WI

A person who has been seriously injured due to someone else’s negligence may be pleasantly surprised when the liable insurance company calls and offers a settlement. Unfortunately, this usually is a tactic for the insurer to pay a lower amount than what is deserved by appearing to be fully cooperative and helpful. Consulting an Injury Attorney in Kenosha WI before accepting a settlement is advisable.

Speaking Too Freely

By appearing so friendly and concerned, the insurance adjuster makes a positive impression that encourages the claimant to have a conversation. This can be damaging to the person’s case, as he or she may speak too freely and even make some admissions that can cause a lowering of the settlement offer. For example, it’s relatively common for a person to confess to a possibility he or she might have been at least a little at fault in the accident.

Attempts to Limit Payouts

People may justifiably expect insurance companies to pay reasonable compensation since their entire existence is tied to compensating claimants for relevant expenses. Nevertheless, they also are for-profit corporations, and they do not want to pay out more than is necessary. An Injury Attorney in Kenosha WI is well aware of this and knows the best strategies for negotiating a fair settlement.

The Importance of Not Rushing to an Agreement

Injured men and women sometimes feel compelled to hurry into an agreement with the insurer. They need money because they cannot work and bills are piling up. They are afraid that the insurance company will cancel the offer if they wait too long. They may fear that the insurer is conducting an investigation that will turn up something to undermine the case. Accepting the first offer is nearly always a mistake, though.

Being patient is likely to lead to a higher offer, and the increase may be more significant if an attorney gets involved. A free consultation with a law firm such as Schoone, Leuck, Kelley, Pitts & Pitts S.C. can provide insight on what a person’s case should be worth. The person has no obligation to hire the attorney after the consultation.

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