Now Is The Time To Call About Furnace Repair In Poulsbo

When a home feels colder than usual, the furnace usually needs to be repaired or replaced. A furnace should be maintained on a yearly basis by a trained technician so it operates properly. When a homeowner fails to keep their home’s furnace maintained, they will need to have Furnace Repair in Poulsbo performed more often than other furnace owners.

A reputable HVAC company offers furnace repair and heating repair for all types of HVAC systems. A trained technician will answer all of a customer’s questions and provide an honest estimate of the repairs that need to be performed. The technician will also inform the homeowner of the condition of their HVAC and any repairs that need to be performed.

Repair Or Replace

When a furnace is regularly maintained, it will reduce the need for constant furnace repairs. A repair that cannot be performed is when the heat exchanger cracks. The heat exchanger is continuously heating and cooling, which creates this type of problem.

Heat exchangers are also called the firebox in a furnace. When one of these is damaged, the entire furnace will need to be replaced due to the carbon monoxide danger it poses.

Is There A Safe Heat Exchanger?

Certain brands of gas furnaces are engineered with a stainless steel heat exchanger. Daikin offers a lifetime heat exchanger warranty. If the heat exchanger fails, the furnace will be replaced with a modern furnace at no cost to the homeowner.


When Furnace Repair in Poulsbo is performed, all work is performed on a flat-rate basis. Any extra costs that occur after the estimate is given will be absorbed by a reputable furnace repair company.


A homeowner should consider purchasing a maintenance program through an HVAC company. Maintenance is performed one to two times per year and includes one or two tune-ups at a discounted rate. A customer will receive fifteen percent off parts and ten percent off bulk filter orders. A customer will also receive priority scheduling.

The winter months are not leaving anytime soon. It’s important to improve comfort levels and reduce the amount of energy needed to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

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