Not Enough Weighing You Down in Illinois? Why Lead Ballasts Are a Solution

Lead ballasts are massive counterweights used in a number of industries. For example, massive ocean-going freight ships use customized lead ballasts to keep the boat from tipping too far in any one direction. There are many other uses for ballasts that provide similar uses. Here are why these ballasts are an effective solution to any weight balancing and counterweight issue.

Counterweight Is Necessary for Mechanical Operations

It should come as no surprise, but a counterweight is necessary in the operation of an elevator. When the elevator warning says that a maximum amount of weight is all the elevator can handle, it doesn’t mean that more people

can’t step into the elevator box. It just means that the counterweights above and below the elevator box are not designed to safely counter more than the weight allowed in the elevator as posted. IF you were to change the ballasts acting as counterweights such that the ballasts countered more weight, then the maximum amount of weight in the elevator could be more. For safety reasons, the maximum allowed is as posted. Lead ballasts are the heaviest ballasts there are, which is why they make an excellent replacement for any ballasts that are made of lighter metals.

Custom Ballasts Can Be Made for More Unusual Situations

Perhaps you have a cargo ship or a cargo plan that is going to be carrying a lot of weight on one side and not enough weight on another. However, not having ballasts of the right size, weight, and shape makes this task complicated. Steel and lead industries can make a custom ballast of lead that will make this unique job easier.

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