Nine Steps to Take When Hiring a Company to Do Garage Door Repair in Newton MA

Homeowners who move into older houses may have to repair the garage door eventually. It’s important for homeowners to have a properly functioning garage door, allowing them to get in and out of their garage with few problems. It can be difficult to find a reputable company to perform the Garage Door Repair in Newton MA if homeowners don’t know the process or what questions to ask.

Ask friends or neighbors for referrals. They may be able to provide information if they’ve worked with a garage door repair company before.

Contact two or three businesses to ask for estimates; be sure to ask for details about product warranties. Once they get information on a few companies, homeowners can look at each of them and decide which one would best fit their needs and budget.

Ask the company for a list of customer references. Homeowners may be able to contact these customers to find out how they liked the service.

Ask how much they charge minimum for a service call. They may charge separately for the basic fee, travel, labor, and parts.

Don’t think that just because the company has a large Yellow Pages ad, they’re a trustworthy company. A large Yellow Pages advertisement just means they have a big advertising budget.

Don’t give the company permission to make the repairs right away. Make sure a technician explains the problem and provides an estimate first. Most garage door repairs cost a few hundred dollars. Make sure the technician breaks down the cost and explains every charge.

Double-check advertised offers when they call the company. The offer may not be valid any longer.

Make sure the company has no unresolved complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

Don’t pay for the entire garage door repair service at once. It’s legitimate for garage door repair companies to ask for a partial deposit. Before they pay anything, homeowners should make sure they’re working with a reputable company first.

Homeowners who follow these nine suggestions will have a better chance of hiring a legitimate repair company that will charge a fair price. Be sure to consider a few garage door repair companies before choosing one, and click here for more information about garage door repairs. Find us on Facebook!

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