Needle Safety and CA Injury Prevention Devices Change Clinical Landscape

Undertaking any kind of invasive, clinical procedure comes with an inherent set of risks. Surgical teams need as much help properly and safely managing threats to patient health as they can get. Speaking of innovations in modern medicine, a needle safety device could be the next step towards running an error-free healthcare center. What’s even better is a device adapted for use on several different brand-name suture packs.

Operative Armour Needle Trap

The game-changing, needle safety device gives clinicians the facilities needed to close incisions themselves absent the scrub technician. Self-sufficient securement of used suture needles boosts labor efficiency as teams no longer have to pass around contaminated hardware. Plus, the Operative Armour needle trap attaches to forearm barriers and wrist straps already present at the clinic.

Operative Barrier Kit

Essentially, the scrub tech has enough to worry about during the process. Using the Needle Trap in combination with the Barrier Kit reduces surgical closure time. Besides, what clinician doesn’t want to be able to dispense their own suture needles?

Operative Armour Mini-Mount Kit

Clinicians employ different workflow methodologies while on the operating room floor. Some may prefer the mounting option available with the Barrier Kit; others might enjoy the freedom of a Mini-Mount – the handheld device for dispensing and securing suture needles.

A hypodermic safety device is a clinician’s best friend. Injury prevention is the name of the game. Pay Sharp Fluidics a visit and go to the ‘Contact’ page.

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