Need Tee Shirts For a Marketing Campaign? Silkscreen Printing in Bellingham, WA is the Way to Go

There’s an upcoming marketing event and only so much money to allocate to that promotional effort. One of the best uses for that money is ordering customized tee shirts for distribution at the event. That means working with the right printer and using the best printing approach. Here are some of the reasons it makes sense to work with a professional who offers Silkscreen Printing in Bellingham WA.

The Clarity of the Printing

While there are other ways to customize those tee shirts, Silkscreen Printing in Bellingham WA is a method that offers crisp and clear imaging and lettering. The last thing the company owner needs is hundreds of shirts with blurry images and logos. Along with looking cheap, those poor images will not exactly endear the company to anyone attending the event.

The Expense

One of the benefits of silkscreen printing is that it’s competitively priced even for smaller orders. When the client places an order for a couple of thousand shirts versus a hundred, the printer is likely to offer a lower price per shirt. That’s because the expense involved with filling the order decreases when more units are needed.

No Limits on Creative Designs

When it comes to creating something unique for the printing, it’s possible to do just about anything the customer wants. The source for the design can be a freehand design or something the client came up with using software. Whatever the source, the printer can make use of the original copy to make a template and set up the printing process.

Other Uses

Once the template is prepared, it can be kept on file. Think of what that means for the future. If there’s a need to use the same design for other promotional materials like hats, tablet covers, or smartphone cases, all it will take is one call to the printer to choose the color of the promotional item and order as many units as are needed.

If there is a conference, convention, or trade show coming up soon, think about using silkscreen printing to create some great promotional items. Contact Reco Brands and get more information about the process and how quickly the order can be filled once the details are worked out. After seeing the results, there will be no doubt about how to create more items for future events.

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