Need Money Today? Discover How to Get Cash for Diamonds

When the price of gold sky-rocketed many people took advantage of these high prices to sell off a lot of the unwanted jewellery they owned. It was not uncommon for people to remove the stones from the gold prior to selling. This has left a lot of people with loose stones, particularly diamonds. For most people, they have no plans for these stones and have just left them sitting in a box somewhere.

Well, now is the time to finally eliminate those unneeded diamonds from your jewellery box and earn a little extra cash from the sale. Diamond prices, just like gold prices do vary, and the price will be very different depending on the quality of the stone. However, you can still make a decent profit even if you do not have anything enormous or top quality.

To Get cash for diamonds you will need to find a reputable diamond buyer, in many instances these are the experts at either jewellery stores or pawn shops. In both cases, they have knowledgeable buyers who will purchase the stones to either resell or to create their own custom jewellery.

There are plenty of resources available online that provide the most current diamond prices. You need to take into account that no matter who you sell the diamonds to you will not get the full market price. Every buyer will want to leave enough room for a profit of their own as well.

You can also Get cash for diamonds that are still in their settings. In this instance, you may make more than you would for selling the metal and the stone sold separately. This is often the case when the jewellery is vintage, a designer brand name or a trendy design. Either way, it can be a good idea to have the full piece appraised before taking it apart to sell separately.

As with any sale, pawn shops, and jewellery shops often like to see proof of ownership before they purchase items of value from anyone. They will also usually need identification just in case a question arises in the future about how they obtained the items.


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