Myths About Custom Aluminum Extrusions

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Aluminum Supplier

As technology changes and the use of CAD/CAM technology is used in virtually all manufacturing and fabrication types of production, old ways of thinking are becoming outdated and obsolete.

Unfortunately, many of the old ideas and old facts around custom aluminum extrusions are still out there. These inaccuracies may be preventing OEMs, prototype designers, developers and even fabricators from choosing an extrusion that is the best match for their needs.

By taking a closer look at the myths around custom extrusions, it will be helpful in clearing up the mistakes and misunderstandings. Of course, contacting an aluminum supply and service center will also address these issues and provide a very clear picture of the truth about the advantages and considerations with the custom extrusion option.

Myth: Custom Extrusions Are Cost Prohibitive

The cost of custom aluminum extrusions is significantly less than it was years ago. In addition, there are some aluminum service centers that have a strong network with some of the top aluminum extruders in the country. This allows access to a wide selection of dies, which may help to dramatically reduce the price.

The use of a custom extrusion can also help to shorten fabrication and product times, provide a superior product and create less waste during production. All of these factors have to be considered with regards to the initial price to create the custom die.

Myth: Any Shape Can Be Created Through Extrusion

While it is true that most shapes of custom aluminum extrusions can be produced, some shapes are simply not feasible. The more diverse the wall thicknesses and the more complex the shape, the more challenging the custom extrusion design process will be.

Working closely with the top extruders and being open to suggestions about design modifications that will enhance the shape of the extrusion will be important.

Myth: All Aluminum Extruders are the Same

As with any type of process, there are differences in what you can expect from different aluminum extruders. This is another advantage in working with a specialized aluminum supply center; they have the experience to suggest an extruder that is best suited to handling your specific extrusion requirements.

Take the time to research the custom aluminum extruder or work with an aluminum supply center to take advantage of their knowledge of the best extruders. This will ensure your order is completed to the specifications and tolerances needed.

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