Moving to Birmingham AL with Your Pet

Of course your pet is a part of your family. However, moving with your pet can be stressful if certain tasks are not handled properly. You can avoid any unnecessary stress in the process by performing some necessary research and planning in advance.

Laws About Pets in Birmingham

In Birmingham, cats and dogs which are four months old and over must have a license. Before getting a license, they also need have their required – including those for rabies and other diseases. You will need to check on particular zoning regulations they may prohibit certain animals as pets in portions of the city. These could include prohibition for chickens, goats and pigs.

If you are moving to Birmingham AL in a subdivision, you may need to abide by homeowners’ association rules – and those rules may have something to say about what kinds of animals you can or cannot have as pets. Or the rules may limit the number of pets you can have. You may also be required to have a fenced-in yard if you have one or more pets.

New Neighbors

After your move to Birmingham is compete, you may want to introduce your pet to your neighbors, just to have them become familiar with your furry friend. You never know when your pet and your neighbor may meet up unexpectedly and it is always good to have made that introduction prior to such an event occurring.

Walking in the New Neighborhood

After moving to Birmingham AL, it is a good idea to walk your dog around the neighborhood to help give your furry friend a sense of the neighborhood. When a dog is familiar with its surroundings and its neighborhood, it can certainly feel more comfortable and at ease.

The Move Itself

If the relocation destination is quite a distance away, even several hundred miles for instance, then be sure to make proper preparations for transporting your pet in your vehicle. Bring enough food and water for the trip. If you need to house your pet in a crate during the road trip, then get all of that together and try to make your pet feel as comfortable as possible during the journey.

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