Motor Home Insurance Policies in Milwaukee Wisconsin: Liability, Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

A motor home is technically a vehicle, although these vehicles are big enough to be used as homes. Many people do just that, choosing to reside in the big camper after they retire or even sooner. Motor Home Insurance Policies in Milwaukee Wisconsin are required for liability purposes, and most owners choose to have additional coverage for their financial protection. These vehicles are quite expensive, and no owner wants to foot the bill for replacement in case of a total loss.

Specific Motor Home Insurance Policies in Milwaukee Wisconsin are intended for people who live in an RV full-time. The policy is more like homeowners insurance than it would be for individuals using the RV solely for recreational purposes or as a home-away-from-home during business travel. Full-timers may have most of their belongings in the RV, and insurance should be set up to cover those things as well as the motor home itself. People who have put possessions in storage still are likely to have several valuable things of their own in the motor home, such as jewelry and electronic equipment.

Liability insurance covers costs of injury to other people and damage to property that is considered the RV owner’s responsibility. This coverage is required in Wisconsin and most other states. It provides financial protection for the RV owner. Without this insurance, if the owner causes an accident, he or she may face a lawsuit that can force liquidation of assets to pay those costs.

Collision and comprehensive coverage through an agency such as P & C Insurance Services Inc. are not required unless the person has financed the RV through a lending institution or the manufacturer, but the insurance is still advisable. Collision insurance pays for repairs or replacement cost in case of an accident involving another vehicle or a stationary object, such as a building. It also pays for damage if the RV slides off the road in icy conditions. Comprehensive insurance covers damage from other situations, such as a tree falling on the motor home or a vandal painting graffiti on it. Visit to learn more about coverage for RVs.

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