More than Standard Auto Glass Replacement in Chicago

There are standard services customers can expect from companies that specialize in auto glass replacement in Chicago. Certified technicians are available to provide repair and replacement of windshields, rear windows, side-view mirrors, door glass, and sunroofs. They are also qualified to assess the situation and determine if a repair is possible.

Advanced repair products and techniques make it easier to repair cracks and chips that would have led to replacement as little as five years ago. There are some cases where repair is not possible, such as a crack in the direct line of sight of the driver, chip or crack that exceeds a certain size, or any damage located at the edge of the windshield. Replacement is required in those situations to ensure the strength and structural integrity of the roof in the event of an accident.

Tinting of windows is typically available as well as mobile services for convenience and safety. It takes about one hour to replace a vehicle windshield, and the vehicle can usually be driven one hour after the replacement is completed. Most companies also help with filing insurance claims, providing paperwork and proper documentation for damages, and arranging the scheduling of work and payment from the insurance company.

Some companies offer services that go beyond regular auto glass replacement in Chicago. Vintage and classic cars require special auto glass to restore them to original condition and glory. Enthusiasts spend a lot of time and money on their restored vehicles to get them in mint condition. Assistance with finding and ordering the custom laminated glass or specialty glass for all models is available. Technicians can install the windshields, rear windows, and door glass on vintage, classic, and hot rod model cars and trucks.

Whether the vehicle is strictly for personal use, used to display at car shows, provides unique advertising for a specific business, or is an antique representative of a firetruck or ambulance, it is more valuable, more interesting, and worth more money if it is in pristine condition. Light tinting of the windows is also available to protect the delicate interiors. Old fabrics, distinct patterns, and original stitching are vulnerable to fading and breaking down from the rays of the sun. A special tint can protect the inside while still making the perfectly restored interior visible to onlookers. Customers can get more information on all available services online.

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