Monster Energy Vice President, John Kenneally, Has a Passion for Muscle Cars

When you think of a Vice President of a major corporation, you most likely think mostly of their hard work and dedication to their company. The truth is there’s often much more behind that individual than just their work. In fact, John Kenneally, Vice President of Monster Energy, has had a passion for muscle cars since he was younger, growing up in Chicago.

A Collection of the Classics

Over the years, John Kenneally has built a collection of these classic muscle cars, seeking out the ones he’s always been interested in and making sure they are in pristine operating condition. One of his most treasured muscle cars from his collection is his 1971 Oldsmobile 442 W-30. This car is extremely rare with only a little more than 100 of them ever made for that model year. He worked hard to restore this car and loves to drive it.

A Property Designed Around Cars

When John Kenneally moved into his current home, one of his top priorities in selecting a property was having a garage best suited to the house is collection of old muscle cars. He selected a property with enough space to bulldoze the backyard and construct a garage workspace to store his collection and give him the necessary space to work on his beloved muscle cars. The garage features an apartment above as well.

When John Kenneally isn’t spending his time in the office at Monster Energy, he’s likely to be found either working on his muscle cars, building his collection or cruising around in one of his favorites.

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