Mistakes to Avoid With Residential Plumbing in San Clemente

by | Aug 21, 2023 | Plumbing

Most people remember being scolded for making mistakes during childhood. It didn’t feel good, and plumbers aren’t there to scold their customers, but there are times they wish they could. Below are five things a residential plumber wishes customers wouldn’t do to their Residential Plumbing in San Clemente.

*        Put those little freshener discs into your toilet’s tank. While toilet fresheners may make the water in the bowl turn a different color, they also contain chemicals that can damage parts inside the toilet tank.
*        Fail to maintain your dishwasher and washing machine hoses and fittings. Most people think these hoses last forever, but they wear out just like everything else. Over time, hoses can deteriorate and burst, resulting in a damaging flood. By switching the hoses on the washing machine and dishwasher every five years or so, the homeowner can avoid the issue. When it’s time to replace hoses, ask the plumber to use those made of stainless steel.

*        Put everything down the garbage disposal. A home’s garbage disposal can handle many things, but like every other piece of machinery, they do have their weaknesses. Things such as grease, plastic, glass, bones and fibrous foods can all create problems. Prevent unnecessary plumbing repairs by scraping these items into the wastebasket instead.

*        Use harsh, commercially available drain cleaners. Such chemicals can permanently damage the piping in the home, and they can be dangerous if they get into the eyes or on the skin. Homeowners can avoid clogged drains with regular maintenance, but if they do find a clog they can call a plumbing professional.

*        Flush so-called “flushable” things down the toilet. There are many things, such as feminine products, baby wipes, makeup removing towelettes and hygienic wipes that are supposedly flushable. However, these items often don’t live up to their manufacturers’ claims, and a homeowner can end up with clogged pipes as a result.

By avoiding the common mistakes listed above, customers can use the home’s plumbing properly and avoid serious issues.

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