Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Jacksonville Roofer

Hiring a Jacksonville roofer is an important decision and one which will have a lasting impact on your home. A top quality roofer in jacksonville with experience and expertise and a knowledge of our Florida building codes will provide you with a roof to last for years.

It isn’t uncommon for a top roofing company to offer a 20 or 30 year, or a lifetime limited warranty, on the roofing work they do. To make sure you are working with an outstanding Jacksonville roofer watch out for these common homeowner mistakes.

Considering Price Alone
If you are only looking at the bottom line price quoted by a Jacksonville roofer you will likely get just what you pay for. Contractors or companies coming in at significantly below what other companies are quoting are cutting corners somewhere.

Not Getting References
Any top Jacksonville roofer will be more than happy to provide prospective customers with references from people in the area. It is important to not only ask for references but to also follow up with an email or phone call just to get an idea of their experiences with the roofing company.

Be careful about companies who promise to provide references and keep putting you off or that only have references from out of state.

Not Comparing Companies
A reputable Jacksonville roofer will have no problems with you comparing their estimate and their recommendations with that of another roofing company. They may point out where their services are better or different, but they will not be against your choice to shop around.

Comparing at least two or three different companies offering free, no-obligation quotes will give you a complete picture of the advantages of the different roofers.

Failing To Check On Insurance and License
Every legitimate Jacksonville roofer will have a business license and will carry insurance. Ask specifically for this information and then verify the company is licensed and insured before paying anything or signing any contract or agreement.

Not Getting a Written Estimate and Warranty
As with any business agreement, it is essential to get everything in writing. Ask for a copy of the estimate in work with a line account of the cost of each service. Don’t simply accept a contract that says “replace roof” and a total cost.

In addition, a top Jacksonville roofer will provide you with written information on the warranty you selection on the roofing materials. Be sure to ask questions and understand the warranty and the contract completely before making your final decision on a roofer for your home.

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