Mistakes to Avoid in Yard Maintenance in Boulder CO

Many homeowners choose to handle their own Yard Maintenance in Boulder CO, and on the surface, it seems simple enough. However, taking care of the lawn can be more complicated than expected. Proper landscaping is a skill like any other, and it requires specialized knowledge to do the job right. Although anyone can take care of a lawn, many still rely on professional lawn care companies like Wards Lawn Service because they have the knowledge needed to make a lawn healthy and keep it that way. Below are several mistakes to avoid in lawn maintenance.

Cutting the Grass too Short

Cutting grass too short can cause shock and stress, which disrupts the grass’ growth. Most landscaping companies set the mower height to about three inches and prefer not to remove more than one-third of the lawn’s height at one time.

Incorrect Fertilizer Application

Lawns need fertilizer for optimal health, but there’s a lot of room for error when the fertilizer is applied by an inexperienced individual. Most commercially available fertilizers have nitrogen, which can help the lawn look wonderful in the right concentration. However, if the lawn is excessively or unevenly fertilized, the nitrogen can burn the grass. Professional landscaping companies know which tools and procedures to use to apply fertilizer evenly.

Poor Soil Prep

When a customer thinks of landscaping, they likely think of grass because it’s visible. However, the soil beneath the grass is just as important. Landscapers prepare the soil in a variety of ways, including adding organic materials and aerating to allow for better nutrient, water, and air penetration.

Choosing the Wrong Kind of Grass for the Area

There are numerous grass species, and each type has different requirements for soil, light and growth temperature. That’s why planting full-sun grass in shady areas will result in disappointment. A professional landscaping company can choose the right kind of grass for any lawn in any area.

Most landscaping mistakes are interconnected, and it is easy to start a vicious cycle. Knowing which mistakes to avoid can help a customer avoid disaster, but they should also Visit the website to learn how things work as a system. While any person can do Yard Maintenance Boulder CO, a professional can avoid these and other mistakes.

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