Methods of Ground Bee Control in Pittsburgh

It can be quite startling if not frightening, to disturb a ground bee nest by running over it with a lawn mower, or by digging in the flower bed or garden. Ground bees are not normally aggressive, however, if they feel threatened they will sting in defensive. Typical bee species that build ground nests tend to be solitary where just the female has a burrow. However, there may be dozens of nests present if the conditions are suitable. To learn more about ground bees and how to identify them, contact The-Beeman or visit the website.

Bumblebees will also nest in the ground and are social, nesting in colonies rather than solitary females. If there are many bees entering and exiting it is probably a bumblebee nest. If you are unsure how to handle the problem it is best to contact a professional in Ground Bee Control in Pittsburgh.

Since the nest building activity occurs in the spring months, the bees won’t be around long, so if at all possible try to avoid the area if possible. However, if you feel strongly compelled to get rid of the nest, there are a few good ways to do so.

Ground bees do not nest in damp or wet areas, preferring dry soil, so the easiest and “greenest” method of Ground Bee Control in Pittsburgh is to completely water the area. Soaking the area with up to an inch of water once a week usually convinces nesting females to abandon the nest and seek drier land.

The use of insecticides is a preference for many homeowners. Before applying the insecticide inspect the surrounding area for entrance holes. Ground bees will often have more than one entrance or exit. Block all entrance holes except for the one that the insecticide will be poured into. Holes can be covered with a tarp secured with rocks or bricks preventing escape. Glass jars can also be used to trap escapees.

Another green method of exterminating ground bees is to cover the entire area with large tarps. Having a friend help during the night is the best time. Keep in mind that the bees can feel an approaching threat through vibrations in the ground, however, it will be dark, and they will be resting. Place rocks, bricks, or other heavy items on the edges of the tarp to keep the bees from escaping through any openings. Visit for more information.

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