Mastering Classical Drawing Techniques During Art Classes in Maryland

by | Mar 10, 2022 | Web Design

Men and women who would love to improve their drawing skills might be interested in a particular type of art classes in Maryland. The Barnstone Intensive Method begins with students learning a variety of essential aspects for drawing three different bottles. With this skill foundation, they now are ready to progress to other subjects and broaden their range.

About Myron Barnstone
As a celebrated painter and highly respected teacher, Myron Barnstone had significant effects on the world of art. He realized that for most individuals, creativity is not enough to produce impressive artwork. Aspiring artists must learn the discipline to accurately reproduce objects in pencil and ink. After mastering classical techniques, they can move on to different projects.

Distinguished Alumni
It’s interesting to note the number of highly successful studio alumni working in art-related occupations. For example, an online search turns up individuals employed with Disney and Pixar Animation Studios. Others pursue their interest in fine art and display their works in gallery exhibits. Some have gone on to teach at renowned academies and other educational centers.

Studio Classes
This method of instruction goes back to the Renaissance when students were taught rigorous discipline for realistic drawing in French and Italian ateliers. Although Mr. Barnstone passed away in 2017 at age 83, his studio continues offering art classes in Maryland. Students are instructed and mentored by studio alumni. Mr. Barnstone also provides instruction in video format. Anyone interested in improving their drawing skills is welcome to sign up.

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