Marble Coping: Strength And Beauty Combined

by | Apr 23, 2015 | Home Improvement

Pools are attractive. They also are practical. Yet, they are rarely considered beautiful on their own. It is the landscape that helps set one pool apart from another. In this equation, decks and particularly pool coping are necessary to create that specific look. While you may use many different materials to separate your pool’s character from everyone else’s, marble is becoming popular. Marble coping can provide you with a very unique and natural look.

What Is Coping?

Pool coping, like steps, is a very significant part of your pool’s landscape. Pool coping is a paver that is specifically made with the edge of your pool in mind.  They are created with a bullnosed or rounded edge. This differs them from concrete in allowing you to be comfortable when you sit or stand close to or at the very edge of the pool.

To achieve high standards, many companies have abandoned cheaper materials for those that are of higher quality. Pool coping today tends to lean towards material that is of a higher rather than lower grade. Tow materials, in fact, are favored. They are travertine and marble. Of these two, marble coping has achieved a unique standing among pool owners.

Why Prefer Marble Coping?

Marble in all its forms is perceived as a cool, elegant material. Most people rarely think of it as a stone. It is as if it has its own category. Yet, marble is a stone that has been used throughout the past few centuries in the construction of some of the greatest structures in the world, including the Parthenon, the Temple of Apollo, the Colosseum (marble cladding), the Duomo Cathedral, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Taj Mahal and the Washington Monument. It is a material that was used, as it is now, because of certain properties. These consists of:

1. Beauty: If marble had been less lovely, it would never have been employed in the various religious structures
2. Strength: Marble is strong and able to withstand the elements
3. Resistance: It is resistant to both fire and erosion

Choosing natural stone for your pool coping is a smart move. Marble coping provides excellent results.

Types of Marble for Marble Coping

Marble coping can be made from the variety of colors that are seen in marble. In general, white or ivory, green or red, yellow or cream are commonly employed in this fashion as long as they are in the form known as “tumbled” marble coping. Tumbled refers to the finish that is given to the marble before it is employed. It is preferred because it gives the edge of the pool a very smooth and even cohesive look. Tumbled marble coping also acts as a means to prevent two problems:

1. The problem of the freeze-thaw cycles that occur throughout the year
2. The issue of friction between human and animal feet and the surface near a splashing pool

These are also reasons why you people are more frequently considering marble as a material for pool coping. When you combine them with durability, classic beauty and resistance, you can easily understand why marble coping, although it is more costly, is becoming a popular choice for people who want to make their pool look distinctive.

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