Manzanita Branches For Centerpieces

The manzanita tree is a staple for wedding centerpieces. They give off an earthy tone while also being elegant and poised. But if you don’t want just the tree, the branches of this tree could be the answer to your centerpiece-needs. Adding decorations to the tree branches can make the centerpiece what pulls the whole function together. This guide will give you a some ways to decorate and DIY your way to creating unique manzanita trees for your event.

String Lights. The string light look on manzanita trees is classic and timeless. If your wedding has a woodland-type theme, this look on the branches will only accentuate that. And when the lights go low, your guests will be in a glowy wonderland and be left with memories of a night they won’t soon forget.

Hang Wedding Favors. Wedding favors are the guest’s favorite part of the night (besides maybe the open dance floor), so why not have fun with it? Hang little trinkets on the branches for guests to collect, such as charms and small bags of sweets. This activity will be especially fun for your child guests!

Show Photographs. Weddings celebrate what a relationship has led. Commemorate this by hanging sentimental photographs so that your guests can get a glimpse into what the marriage is really about. You can have all of the pictures in black and white to play on the theme of memories, or they can be bright and happy to represent the future. Hang the photos with twine or anything else to give each centerpiece your own touch.

Make your centerpieces part of your wedding by involving it in how your celebration goes. Lights, favors, photographs, or all of the above will make the manzanita trees yours and a memorable object from your big day. And when you’re done, the branches can make an excellent addition to your home decor.

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