Making Moving Fun With Trustworthy Moving Companies

The last word that most people trying to move on their own would use to describe the experience is fun. However, if you choose an affordable, experienced and professional moving service, you can make the time up to the move and the entire moving experience simple, easy and yes, even fun.

The biggest issue for most people in the moving experience is always worrying about the trustworthiness of the movers. After all, hiring moving companies to move all of your possessions is a bit worrisome. It can become even more problematic if the movers show up to move and are unprofessional, unorganized and unprepared.

Choose Your Mover Wisely

All moving companies are going to advertise their services as top notch, but it is up to you as the consumer to understand just what that means. There are several key factors to look for when comparing the various companies in your area.

These include:

  • Years in business – poor quality movers don’t stay in business long. Top companies have been providing long distance moves for years.
  • Licensed and insured – there are moving companies out there that are not licensed and insured. Ask for information on licensing and insurance and check with the U.S DOT to verify the mover is approved for long distance moves.
  • Professional training – check the website and confirm with the company that they take the time to make sure that their movers are professionally trained. You can specifically ask if the team unloading at the destination are also trained and experienced. Companies with a national network will use their own teams for both the packing and unpacking services.
  • Look at reviews – the internet makes searching for information on reviews from past customers a breeze. Enjoy a cup of coffee and browse through the comments left by past moving customers to get a feel for the overall experience you can expect.

Make Life Easy

Another way to make moving fun is to leave the hard work up to the staff of the moving company. The best moving companies will offer teams that can come in and pack some or all of the contents of your home, apartment or condo.

This will give you the time to spend with friends, family and on your own personal errands to prepare for the move. With the packing is taken care of, you aren’t pressured, tired or stressed on moving day, which is always a plus to making the day great.

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