Make Your Next Move Your Best Move with Movers in Raleigh NC

It can be exciting to move to a new residence or office location. The stress of packing up and transporting everything that makes up one’s home or business can be overwhelming, however. The answer lies in finding a great mover to – literally – do the heavy lifting.

How to Find the Right Mover
Once you have made the decision to move, take the time to research your options and you will make your move – and your life – much easier. Look for companies with good customer satisfaction ratings. Awards for service and performance are an added plus. Look at the company’s affiliations and memberships, which demonstrate their commitment to the community and their business relationships.

Most movers offer local service for businesses looking to relocate and both local and long distance services for residential customers. Pay special attention to the service you need, but also take note of the other services the company provides. If you are satisfied with your move, you may need them again one day for a different service, and you will already have built a good relationship with someone you know you can trust.

Must-Have Features
Movers in Raleigh NC offer a whole range of services and you can custom-fit the services to your own specific needs. For all services, though, be sure the company offers free estimates, one single point of contact, valuation coverage and property protection. A free estimate will help you stay within your budget. One single point of contact makes the communication process move much smoother. Valuation coverage and property protection are important so that your belongings are insured and kept safe.

Extras for Before the Move
For local business moves, movers in Raleigh NC may offer pre-move planning and budgeting, on-site project management, and floor plan design. Taking advantage of these services will ensure that your space is utilized in the most efficient way.

Customers who are moving residences can make use of free move preparation packets, personal move management, and custom-designed move planning.

Other Services You May Not Know About
In addition to standard packing and moving, many movers in Raleigh NC offer furniture installation and reconfiguration, electronic equipment disconnection and reconnection, and fixtures installation for businesses. Residential customers can take advantage of full or partial packing and unpacking, crating and specialty packing, de-cluttering, staging and organizing. Finding the right mover and using the services you need will take much of the stress out of moving and let you focus on your new job.

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