Luxury Apartment Rentals in Nairobi Aren’t Just for the Rich

Staying in a luxury apartment rental in Nairobi is one of the most comfortable ways to live in the city. In such a crowded, busy capital it can seem like a slice of heaven to have your own space with laundry service, housekeeping, grocery pickup, a fitness center and round the clock security and reception. Still luxury apartments aren’t only for the super wealthy. Many serviced apartments offer discounts for booking in advance and reduced rates for longer stays. If you fall into one of the following categories, a stay in serviced apartments in Nairobi might be right for you.

Business Travelers

If you are passing through Kenya for business of any sort, you’re almost certainly going to have to spend some time in Nairobi. Whether you only need to stay for a few days in the city for weeks at a time, a luxury apartment rental in Nairobi is perfect for you. With your own kitchen and dining area, you can relax and eat as you would at home. Many apartments buildings also have board rooms that are available for conferences or small meetings so you can handle your work right on site.


If you’re on a holiday or an extended trip around the world, you know how exhausting travel can be. Despite all the pleasure of meeting new people, trying new foods and seeing exotic sights, the road slowly grinds down even the heartiest of adventurers. When you pass through Nairobi, don’t force yourself into yet another noisy hotel or crowded hostel. Save that for later on down the line. You’ve earned a bit of peace and quiet, and a short stay in a luxury apartment rental in Nairobi can be just the thing to recharge your batteries as you get fired up for the next leg of your journey.


Planning to move to Nairobi? It can be difficult and sometimes unwise to sign a housing contract before you arrive and really get to know the city and its neighborhoods. Spend your first few weeks or month in a serviced apartment rental as you get a feel for Kenya’s capital. Conducting a search for your permanent home will almost always be more fruitful when you are actually in the city you plan to live in.

A luxury apartment rental in Nairobi is a great way to stay in the capital of Kenya, but it’s not strictly for the wealthy. It’s perfect for business travelers, adventurers and recent transplants. Providing you with services like housekeeping and security, a Heri Heights is the solution for your temporary accommodation needs. To know more visit

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