Looking for Veterinarians in Yorktown NY?

Because we all want our dogs and cats to be healthy, we give them nutritional food and regular exercise. But good pet care doesn’t stop there. Veterinarians in Yorktown NY are vital to providing additional assistance since they help dogs and cats stay strong and free of disease in all stages of life.

Young Pets

To keep puppies and kittens from catching common illnesses, they need vaccines, some of which may be mandated by law. Pets can sometimes start receiving vaccines as early as around six weeks old though most receive them a bit later than that. Rabies is one of the most important vaccinations to get for dogs and cats, and veterinarians will advise what others are best for a particular pet, depending on local ordinances, the species of the animal, and the pet’s lifestyle, such as whether it lives indoors or outdoors. Most dogs and cats will also need to be spayed or neutered, which will on average be done when the animals are around four months old.

Adult Pets

Once dogs and cats have grown up, they may need additional vaccines, such as an occasional rabies shot. Regular checkups are also important so that veterinarians can make sure pets are staying healthy and catch any potential problems before they get worse. A checkup may involve taking the animal’s temperature, listening to its heartbeat and breathing with a stethoscope, examining its fur and skin, looking in its ears, and possibly checking other areas, such as eyes, teeth, and paws. Always mention any problems the pet has been having to the veterinarian before or during the checkup.

Emergency Care

Sometimes, in spite of taking good care of our pets, they may have a sudden serious health problem. This may be an injury, such as due to an attack from another animal or a car accident, or it may be an illness-related issue, such as a tumor or an upset stomach. A veterinarian is prepared to deal with these kinds of problems, and will figure out the best course of action, which may include an overnight stay at the vet’s office for the pet or medicine to take home.

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