Looking for Septic Tank Installation in Quakertown, PA?

Homes need their own septic systems whenever there is no centralized sewer system to connect to. Sometimes a septic system is installed when a new house is built, and other times installation of a new system is required because of problems with the old one. Either way, Septic Tank Installation in Quakertown, PA is available for those who need it. A wastewater management service can quickly put in all the components of a septic system, from the tank to the pipes, at an affordable price.

How Long Will Installation Take?

The installation of a septic system usually doesn’t take long. First, the yard will be inspected, including the soil, to allow the wastewater service to determine what septic system will be ideal for the property. Once the right system is chosen and other planning is completed, work can start. Before digging begins to make room for the tank and other septic system components, the ground will be cleared. Then, after digging, the tank, pipes, and other parts can be installed. When everything is in place, the system will be connected to the house, and the remaining space in the holes will be filled with the original soil.

What Happens Next?

Now the septic system is ready to be used. Grass can be replanted over the top of it, but trees and other plants with deep roots should not be planted, as the roots can go down and interfere with the function of the septic system. There are also a few other things that should be done to ensure that the system keeps working properly. The main thing to keep in mind is to be careful about what is flushed. Tough solids, such as disposable diapers and kitty litter, should not be flushed, as these can clog up pipes or the tank. Also, never flush chemicals such as pesticides, paints, and varnishes, as these will cause trouble. In time, natural waste solids will build up inside of a septic tank, requiring it to be pumped. Routine inspections from a wastewater management service can find out when pumping is necessary and make sure the system is working properly.

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