Looking For An Asbestos Consultant In Syracuse, NY

Ancient civilizations used many dangerous substances including asbestos. The Egyptians used asbestos-woven garments in burial rites. Likewise, the Romans favored napkins and tablecloths made of asbestos. Meanwhile, no one noticed that the slaves who made the garments became very ill. Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral and the first mine was opened in the U.S. in the 1800’s. It was a century before society realized how deadly the product was.

Along the way, asbestos was used in manufacturing heavily. Thousands of automotive parts and home-building products contained asbestos. In fact, the substance can be found in many structures today. Asbestos fibers float throughout the air creating a toxic environment. Physicians know that asbestos causes mesothelioma cancer and other lung issues. Fortunately, the substance is banned in more than fifty countries. That is why contractors who work with asbestos must have special training. Many train to be an asbestos consultant in Syracuse NY.

Asbestos abatement is a major job in the U.S. Many public and private buildings have undergone the tedious process. Further, workers find asbestos often when they renovate buildings. Asbestos is more toxic when it turns to powder which often happens during construction. Construction teams must call in an Asbestos Consultant in Syracuse NY. Inspections are required by a certified consultant to get a work permit The EPA and OSHA oversee these projects closely. Consultants identify which materials are likely to contain asbestos. Further, they gather samples for laboratory testing.

Abatement companies have a very specialized job. Indeed, asbestos must be handled very carefully. Workers must wear approved safety clothing which includes goggles and gloves. On a construction site, asbestos-containing materials must be removed first. If not, asbestos fibers may coat the entire work-site. If this happens, all debris must be taken to a special landfill. Homeowners, who find asbestos, are cautioned not to disturb the material. Call a contractor to deal with the problem. Often, materials containing asbestos will be encapsulated. This is less expensive than having it removed. If you suspect that a material contains asbestos, find a website for a certified consultant. Click here and schedule an appointment.

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