Long Haul Trucking Jobs as Employees and Not Independent Contractors

A shortage of truck drivers has left the industry scrambling to recruit new workers. One reason men and women have been showing much less interest in long haul trucking jobs is that so many companies have turned their workforce into independent contractors instead of hiring them as employees. Trucking companies that hire employees and provide them with generous benefits have less trouble attracting good candidates.

Changes in the Industry

Over-the-road trucking used to be considered one of the most stable jobs. Employees might have been away from home all week, but they usually could count on getting back for at least a couple of days in a row fairly often. Many were home every weekend.

Today’s independent contractors have schedules that are much more erratic. Companies may have trouble finding loads to get them home frequently, leaving them out on the road for more than two weeks straight. Independent contractors also are usually responsible for buying their own health insurance.

Trucking Jobs as Employees

When men and women find long haul trucking jobs with a company that hires employees and provides a substantial benefits package, they become significantly more interested. Companies that offer bonuses and a 401(K) plan are more appealing. Prospective drivers appreciate the opportunity to ride with a passenger or a pet as well.

Companies like this are not as common now, but they haven’t disappeared altogether. Men and women who are interested in a truck driving career can find well-established organizations to work for and earn a comfortable income.

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