Locating Luxury Off-Campus Apartments in Gainesville, Florida

The college experience has never been so exciting. If you’re a current student or plan on enrolling in school in Gainesville, Florida, you don’t have to settle for on-campus housing. Alight Gainesville has student apartments for rent near University of Florida students will be proud to call home.

Even though these apartments aren’t directly on the campus, students are still lodged nearby, making it easy to commute to school in a timely manner. There are building amenities like around-the-clock access to their fitness facilities, study centers, and even access to pools. Each unit also comes with great features like in-unit laundry, furniture, complimentary internet, and some utilities.

If you enjoy your privacy, you can have your own room, or you can live the college experience with up to three other roommates. You can also take an online photo tour for a better idea of what your apartment will look like. Using this tour is especially ideal for students who aren’t originally from Florida.

Space is understandably limited due to all of these features, especially if you’re looking for immediate move-in. To secure an apartment off campus, be sure to go on the Alight Gainesville website. In addition to applying, you can have any further inquiries regarding student apartments for rent near University of Florida answered.

Parents and students alike can’t go wrong with these luxury college apartments. Alight Gainesville also offers discounts and promotional packages. If you’re interested, please take your time and visit them today.

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