Learning More About Judge Amy Hogue

As a lawyer, knowing as much as possible about the judge assigned to the case has always been an important part of preparation. One of the newest and most efficient ways to find out about judges throughout California and other states is to use judicial analytics.

These specially designed software programs are able to access data about the judge. This includes how the judge rules in specific types of motions, the typical time spent in each aspect of the case as well as a judicial summary and full searchable ruling database.

This makes finding information easier for attorneys and helps the professionals to know if a judge is a good match for their case and clients. This is true for seasoned judges as well as those who are new to the bench.

Getting to Know Judge Hogue

Judge Amy Hogue assumed the role of a judge in Los Angeles Superior Court in California upon the death of the previous judge, Stephen O’Neil in 2001. She was appointed by Governor Joseph Graham Davis, Jr. and was serving as a senior partner for Pillsbury Winthrop, which was originally the law firm of Lillick, McHose, and Charles. In the last election 2016, she ran unopposed, which means she was automatically granted the position when the general election concluded.

In her litigation experience, she focused on media cases and represented clients such as Kareem Abdul-Jabar and Tom Cruise in different legal proceedings.

She received a Bachelor of Arts from Duke University, followed by time spent at Cambridge as a Fullbright Scholar. Judge Amy Hogue earned a J.D. from Duke University in 1979.

Judge Amy Hogue has had several cases in the news over the last few years. One allowed a building project to move forward, while another blocked a planned development in West Hollywood, and both were considered controversial.

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