Learning More About Cesspool Maintenance in Hawaii

If you own a septic tank, you need to learn more about the system so it can be well maintained. Some people may have older wells or cesspools that need to be maintained. Whether you have an older or newer system, it is important to follow a regular maintenance plan.

Keeping an Older Cesspool Clean

If you do own an older cesspool, you will need to make sure that the well does not get clogged. Therefore, cesspool maintenance in Hawaii must focus on this aspect. Cesspool wells depend on bacteria to separate liquid and solid waste. However, this process does not always work according to plan. Over time, the openings in an older cesspool may start to clog, causing sewage to back up.

Some Systems Need More Maintenance Than Others

If you don’t follow a regular cesspool maintenance plan, you can run into quite a mess. This type of system may need to be pumped several times annually. Likewise, if you don’t pump a septic tank every three to five years, your tank can become so full that it will overflow. A strong indicator that your tank needs pumping is a consistent foul odor. The smell is more notable when it becomes hot outside.

Keep Your System Free of Obstructions

You may need to have your septic system cleaned or cesspool maintenance performed as well if you notice that your toilet drains slowly or becomes clogged frequently. You will need to determine if the slow draining is related to the septic system or results from a basic clog.

Who to Contact Locally

Regardless of the type of septic system that you currently have, you need to count on the services of a dependable septic company. One of these companies in Hawaii is Valley Isle Pumping. To keep your septic system or cesspool clean, you need to rely on pumping services and inspections to stay on top of things. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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