Learning How To Put Your Baby Up For Adoption In Tulsa Today

In Oklahoma, prospective parents approach an adoption agency when they cannot have biological children. These opportunities allow them to adopt newborns and children. The state assigns a social worker to these parents when they file an application for adoption. Biological parents who wish to help these individuals should learn How To Put Your Baby Up For Adoption in Tulsa now.

Approaching an Adoption Agency

Expectant mothers contact a representative of the adoption agency first. They discuss why the mother wishes to put the child up for adoption. The state of Oklahoma requires all mothers to undergo counseling before the start the adoption process. If they chose to continue, they complete legal documentation required by the state. They should evaluate the adoption contract before signing. Mothers are advised to seek legal counsel about laws related to How To Put Your Baby Up For Adoption in Tulsa area.

Who Pays Medical Costs?

Most adoption contracts provide medical expenses for expectant mothers. The coverage pays for all prenatal, delivery, and maternity care for the mother. The contract covers medical services for the child until the adoptive parents take possession of the child. The expectant mother isn’t required to pay any costs in most cases.

What Rights Does the Mother Retain?

The mother and adoptive parents determine what rights are maintained. In most cases, the adoptive parents provide photographs and updates to the biological mother. They may agree to some form of visitation with the child. However, after the adoption is finalized, the adoptive parents are the legal parents for the child. The parental rights of the biological mother and father are terminated.

Screening Adoptive Parents

The biological mothers have the right to screen all potential adoptive parents. They evaluate their applications and conduct interviews. The biological mother has the right to choose who adopts her child. The adoption agency conducts criminal background checks for all applicants. This allows them to prevent access to the children from sex offenders or individuals with a history of violent behaviors. The biological mother has a small window of time to stop the adoption if they change their mind.

Adoption is a viable opportunity for couples with reproductive difficulties. It is also an opportunity for mothers who aren’t ready to become parents. To learn more about How To Put Your Baby Up For Adoption, contact an agency today.

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