Learning About Hiring A Tree Service In Fairfield, Connecticut

Why do homeowners need professional tree services? Simply put, the work is hazardous and requires a knowledge of trees. Specifically, one has to know when to prune, how to recognize and treat pests, and when a tree needs to come down. There are some tips homeowners need to learn about hiring a Tree Service in Fairfield, Connecticut. First and foremost, tree services are legitimate businesses. They do not send guys out in trucks to distribute flyers.

What To Look For

Businesses like Northeast Horticultural Services send contractors out to view the property. They give the homeowner a written estimate and description of the work that needs to be done. Homeowners should never pay for tree service up-front. Further, ask for a copy of the service’s business license and current proof of insurance. The homeowner should not have to pay if a worker is injured.

A reliable Tree Service in Fairfield, Connecticut must have plenty of safety equipment. Look for harnesses, belts, and tree saddles. Further, the workers need protective clothing, goggles, and hard hats. Remember, the job entails climbing trees, felling trees, and operating power tools.

Why Trees Need To Be Inspected

One of the main reasons to inspect trees is to protect the property. Trees need to be inspected before hurricane season and winter storms. Further, workers are sure to look for dead trees. That’s because dead trees are unattractive and attract pests. Further, dead trees are weak and are more likely to fall during a storm. Indeed, the homeowner is liable if a dead tree falls on a neighbor’s property.

Trees need to be pruned on a regular basis. Experts recommend pruning in winter when trees are dormant. Further, it is easier to see damaged limbs when the leaves are gone. Additionally, if the ground is frozen, the work is less likely to disturb the root system.

Recognizing Tree Illnesses

Believe it or not, trees get sick and the illnesses can spread. Leaves with a white powder on them are a symptom of powdery mildew disease. This disease can attack any type of tree. Likewise, mushrooms near roots may indicate fungi are feeding on the tree. A fungus can eventually kill a tree. Start protecting your trees by visiting Northeasthorticultural.com.

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