Lawyers Providing Criminal Defense in Cincinnati, OH Help Clients After Probation or Parole Violation

Violating the terms of probation or parole is often very tempting, especially when the individual believes those terms are unreasonable. However, the violation can easily result in a judge issuing an incarceration sentence. If someone has been caught doing something that is against guidelines set forth in probation or parole, this person needs a lawyer for criminal defense in Cincinnati, OH. The lawyer may be able to prevent the worst consequences from occurring. The court tends to be impatient and irritated with this type of behavior, so it’s essential to have effective legal representation. Judges are likely to view probation and parole as favors of sorts to criminals, and they don’t like to see those favors taken advantage of.

With a parole violation, a judge may order this person to serve the rest of the original sentence that had been shortened. Depending on the situation, a judge could even order a longer sentence than the original one. With probation, the person is typically sentenced to a period of supervision and behavior monitoring in lieu of a jail sentence. A jail sentence could now be imposed.

Some offenses are considered worse than others. A person who was convicted of assault with alcohol intoxication as an aggravating factor may be prohibited from drinking alcohol; refusing to obey this restriction is seen as very negative behavior. It’s especially questionable if the person is out drinking in public. In contrast, being late one time for a meeting with the probation officer may violate the terms, but is generally not considered as enormously problematic. Repeated late appearances, however, may indicate an attitude issue that a judge will not appreciate.

This is not a time to wait and hope for the best. A lawyer providing criminal defense in Cincinnati, OH begins work on the case quickly and reviews similar cases in the court history. This lawyer prepares to negotiate with the court for leniency and gathers the evidence that may persuade the opposing side. A person who needs assistance with this type of situation may visit a website , the official online presence of the law firm Engel & Martin.

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