Landscaping Companies in Milwaukee, WI Help Customers Increase Curb Appeal

Though some yards are easier to maintain than others are, all landscapes require maintenance from Landscaping Companies in Milwaukee WI. A well-thought-out yard needs the right mix of plants, outdoor living spaces, and landscaping elements such as fences, walls, and arbors. A residential landscaping plan from Bluemel’s Garden & Landscape Center should focus equally on the homeowner’s budget, time constraints, and goals.

Landscaping Can Increase Curb Appeal

If one plans to sell the home, fresh landscaping is a sound, value-adding investment. A landscaping company can transform the entire appearance of the yard by focusing on the walkway. The path should be wide enough for two to walk side by side, and walkway materials should complement other decor elements. By adding enough lighting, the walkway can be kept safe enough to use in the dark.

Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Homeowners who don’t have much time to devote to landscaping can cut down on maintenance by installing hardscape elements and hardy plants. A contractor can install an irrigation system to reduce time spent watering, and planting evergreen shrubbery can save time and water as well. Companies can help customers choose the right type of plants for their local climate, and they can mulch seasonally to cut down on weeding.

Small Spaces

If the home and yard are small, they can still have plenty of visual appeals. Small spaces are naturally inviting, and homeowners can capitalize by using containers and raised beds to bring attention to particular plant groupings. Because there’s less greenery to buy, the homeowner should choose plants that are colorful, compact and dramatic. Patio furniture should fit in with the surroundings, and walkways should be kept accessible.

Backyard Habitat

If one doesn’t want a herb, vegetable, or rose garden, they may consider making the yard a welcoming, warm space for butterflies, birds, and other living things. To cultivate a successful backyard habitat, balance is key. Bird and butterfly gardens typically have trimmed borders and the little grass. They tend to have beds of perennials and annuals. Landscaping companies in Milwaukee, WI can plant ornamental grasses to feed and shelter wildlife, and they can install a pond that will be the focal point of the landscape.

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