L Bolts: For Concrete Construction Work

Bolts are a means through which you can fasten one structural piece to another. In construction work, they are essential. Bolts are also commonly employed in the production of airplanes and automobiles. While many varieties of bolts exist, L bolts are particularly suitable for use in masonry and concrete structural applications.

What Is an L Bolt?

An L bolt is a type of anchor bolt. Its purpose is to “anchor” (attach) the concrete to the structural steel supports so they will not pull out or move in any fashion. The name comes from the shape – the bolt is in the form of the letter L produced by the 90-degree angle formed at the bottom.

How Does an L Bolt Work?

As noted previously, an L bolt is an anchor bolt. Engineers employ them as a means of melding concrete and structural steel together to provide the basis for a larger structure. The steel frame has to rest solidly and securely on the concrete foundation. Failure to do so will result in the failure of the structure. The wall or entire building will collapse.

Before proceeding on site, the structural engineers will make certain the anchor bolts are suitable. They need to design perfectly – there is little to no room for error when you use an L anchor bolts. It is essential for everything to be specified, for the three elements involved:

 * Concrete Foundation: Dimensions

 * Bolts: Dimensions Length , diameter and spacing of the bolts

 * Steel Columns: size

Nor must the engineers forget to consider the size of both the, flanges and bolt holes.

To produce a sound structure, the construction workers will place the L bolts into position before pouring in concrete around them. The concrete then sets embedding the bolts. They do not pull out as the hook or L portion of the bolt creates resistance. The only way anyone can now remove the blots and bring down the structure is to destroy the concrete around the bolts.

During the procedure, the steel bolts are held securely in place, with bolts and a wooden platform marking off how high the concrete is to reach. The bolts and platform – which will mark off identically the placement of the steel columns, act to retain the bars in place. The wood platform will eventually be replaced by a steel plate upon which the intended structure, will reside, fitting perfectly.

L Bolts

L-shaped anchor bars find any number of structural uses. Whenever concrete and steel mix, you may find use for an L bolt. However, while L bolts are valuable tools, great care has to be taken during the entire process. Failure to consider everything, including improper curing time for the concrete, can prove to be catastrophic.

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