Knowing When to Replace Shingle Roofs in

There’s no doubt that many homeowners love the look of Shingle roofs in New Jersey. Along with enjoying the beauty, there is also the need to recognize when that roof needs to be replaced. Here are some signs that indicate the time to call a roofer and make plans has arrived.

Brittle Shingles

While cleaning out the gutters this spring, the homeowner noticed the shingles were not as sturdy as in years past. In fact, some of them were so brittle that even stepping on them for a couple of seconds was enough to make them crack. Given the fact that the condition of the roof overall is probably worse than the owner realizes, now is the time to call a roofing contractor. Unless the problems can be corrected by replacing a few shingles, it’s time to start looking at options for something new.

Fragments in the Yard

The present roof has endured quite a few storms, but the one last night seems to be the beginning of the end. This morning, the homeowner looked out a window and noticed pieces of shingles littering the yard. That’s a sure sign that something needs to be done as quickly as possible. When contacting a local roofing company for help, specifically ask the contractor to bring along samples of different types of Shingle Roofs in New Jersey. That will make it easier to choose something with the right texture and color before the visit is over.

Planning to Sell the Property

With the kids grown and setting up their own abodes, there’s no point in keeping such a large home. A better approach is to purchase a smaller place and put the property up for sale. As part of the preparations, have the roof checked. If it’s still good enough to last for several more years, nothing has to be done. When the roof is not in reasonably good shape, spend the money to replace it. Doing so will make it easier to command a good price for the home.

Take a moment to visit and learn more about the roofing options currently available. Arrange to have a contractor come out and conduct an inspection of the roof. If there is trouble and it will take a lot of money to correct the issues, now could be the ideal time to invest in a new roof. Call Badger Roofing Company to receive your free maintenance quotes.

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