Knowing What Type Of Cattle Scales To Use Is Essential

Cattle is a major industry in the United States, Mexico and Canada. They provide a large number of products, including leather, meat and milk for producing dairy products. For a farmer who has any size herd of cattle, one of the most important pieces of equipment is a cattle scale. This allows the farmer to accurately record information about how much his or her cattle weigh, which is something that is incredibly significant for marketing and other purposes. There are a few different types of cattle scales available, which means there will be plenty of options for anyone to find the choice that works the best for their particular requirements.

What Should You Look For In Cattle Scales?

-Durability – Cattle are very large animals and you need to make sure that when you weigh them, your scale will not buckle. The ideal set of cattle scales is made out of a metal such as heavy duty aluminum, which is lightweight but will not bend out of shape. Stainless steel is another great choice for cattle scales, because it will not corrode and the different components of the scale will last longer.

-Non Slip Surface – While you are weighing your cattle, you do not want to have any accidents from the cattle falling off the sides or losing their footing. You also want to make sure there will not be a buildup of debris on the floor of the scale. This is why scales that have sloped sides and small holes in the floor to let any debris such as dirt and straw get through are a great choice for anyone who wants to quickly and efficiently weigh their herd of cattle.

-Portable Or Stationary? – There are a few basic types of cattle scales. One of these is portable. It is lightweight and easy to move around. You can use it on unimproved surfaces like gravel, as long as that surface is level. Usually, you use them to weigh one animal at a time. Stationary scales, however, are a better choice if you want to weigh larger numbers of cattle at a time. They can save you many hours of work because all you have to do is corral the cattle within the confines of the scale and it will accurately record their total weight.

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