Knowing What is Involved with Preparing Teeth for Crowns

Preparing to get a crown places most often needs a couple of office appointments. The tooth must be prepared, the right type of crown has to be made, and then the crown has to be installed. It is important to make sure it is all done correctly and dental crowns in Markham ON area is a common procedure many dentists are experienced with.

First Visit: Exams and Prep
During the first visit, the dentists will examine your teeth and mouth as a whole to make sure there are no major underlying issues that may impact whether or not you are a good candidate for crowns. Your teeth, gums, and jaw bone will all be examined. Crowns are placed over existing teeth, most often ones that have been damaged in some way. Material is usually missing from the tooth so that missing part of the tooth needs to be rebuilt with composite materials to the crown can fit snuggly in place and look and feel natural.

First Visit: Impressions and Manufacturing
After reshaping the tooth, the dentist will make a mould of the tooth that will be getting the crown. This is usually made in a special putty or other similar material so an impression of the tooth can be created. This mould is then sent to the lab and the crown is created. While the crown is being customized for your tooth and mouth you will be sent home and the second visit will be scheduled once the crown has been finished and your dentists has it.

Second Visit: Placing the Dental Crown
At this visit, your dentist will install the crown, endure it fits properly and that it is comfortable. There is usually only a need for a mild, local anaesthetics and the wait time before the crown can be subjected to the forces of a normal tooth are usually only a day or two. If you need dental crowns in Markham ON or the surrounding area, contact Dental Laboratory Associates today!

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