Keeping Your Wound as Healthy as Possible While It’s Dressed

An injury or an illness can result in a wound that needs to be dressed. Whether you’re at home or in a medical facility, there are some steps to take to ensure that the wound heals as it should and to prevent an infection from developing.


You want to keep your wound as clean as possible. If someone is changing your wound dressing, the person should wear gloves and take other precautions to ensure that all surfaces are as clean as possible. It would be best if you washed your hands before and after working with the dressing, and the material should be disposed of properly.

Get Sleep

When you’re sleeping, your body heals while the blood flows and natural antibodies work. It would be best if you tried to get about eight hours of sleep each night. If you feel tired during the day, then consider taking a nap so that your body can use this time to heal as well.


Try to drink plenty of water during the day and eat healthy foods as this can help the healing process. When you change a wound dressing, you should see healthy skin that doesn’t have a lot of oozing or redness. If you notice these issues, then try to drink more water. You can also eat foods with antioxidants in them, like blueberries and oranges. Sometimes, redness can indicate an infection as well. Your doctor should address any abnormal issues when changing the dressing to prevent them from becoming worse over time.

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