Keeping You Running When the Power Fails

Every business has certain computer functions they have to maintain no matter what happens. That’s what makes business continuity and backup so important. These will keep you running in the event of a power outage or other event that could affect normal operations.

What are Continuity and Backups

Commonly referred to as real-time backups and continuous data protection (CDP), continuity saves a copy every time a change is made to any data. This means that in the event of a power loss or interruption the system can be restored from any point in time without the loss of any work. When data on the network is changed or created, it is automatically written to a secondary location creating a backup for your files. This not only saves time by eliminating the need for regularly scheduled backups, which can take hours but also secures your data so it can be retrieved in the event of a miss-hap. Even in the case of a hard drive failure.

How They Can Help Your Business

There are a number of ways business continuity can help keep your company up and running. With managed IT services a business can feel confident that all files are secure. This includes product information, marketing files, even the business VoIP service which may be linked to a computer. With a professional exclusive focus on fully managing your IT environment, if something does happen to your main network, a professional can restore all the files from the moment before the event, ensuring no lost date.

With the peace of mind offered by business continuity and backup technology, a business can know their files are safe in the event of an outage or hard drive failure. These files can be restored from any point. Additionally, the business may be able to continue normal operation in the event of a power outage, meaning that even under inconvenient circumstances they can continue to take care of their customers.

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