Keeping Moisture Out Of Storage In Bellingham WA

When someone decides to place items into storage, they will want to take the necessary steps in keeping their belongings from becoming ruined due to moisture. Since storage units are an enclosed area, any moisture that makes its way inside could be very damaging to items. Here are some steps to take to keep moisture at a minimum when using Storage In Bellingham WA.

 * Place small bowls of charcoal throughout the unit. These will help trap moisture inside the briquettes, removing it from the air. Cat litter and cedar blocks work in the same manner.

 * When placing items in the storage unit, use a pallet to raise them slightly off of the floor. Cement flooring attracts moisture due to the temperature difference it has from the air in the unit. Placing items in drawers or on shelves can be helpful as well.

 * Instead of putting wood items inside plastic bags or wrap, place them inside furniture bags. These bags are breathable, allowing the wood to have exposure to the air. If moisture is trapped against wood inside the plastic, it can cause the wood to rot.

 * Make sure all clothing is dried for several minutes before putting items into plastic storage tubs. Putting damp clothing in a storage unit can cause mildew to form on the material.

 * Metal items should be covered so moisture cannot cause them to rust. Any water equipment such as fishing poles, kayaks, or life vest should be dried in the sunlight for several hours before placing them into a storage unit.

 * To test a unit, pour a bottle of water against the door when it is in a closed position. Have a friend stand in the unit while this is done. If they observe water leaking under the door, alert the manager so they can reseal the door appropriately.

If someone has further questions pertaining to keeping water out of Storage In Bellingham Wa they can call a storage service. Someone would be able to give advice regarding moisture and how to keep items safe. A storage unit can be rented to house their items if desired.

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