Keeping Bio Waste Disposal costs down

If you’re like most health facilities in Jupiter and other areas across the country, you’re looking for ways to cut costs while still operating in an ethical manner, while adhering to the regulations and laws in your jurisdiction. One of the easiest ways to cut costs is with companies that specialize in bio waste disposal in Jupiter. There are several things you can do in order to cut down on costs, without jeopardizing the environment or your employees’ health and safety. Here are a few ideas:

*Separate bio from regular waste: Keep medical waste bins away from visitors and patients’ areas to cut down on regular waste getting mixed in with medical waste. Make sure your employees are well trained on proper disposal of items.

*Devise a strategy to minimize waste: Work with your waste disposal company to devise a plan to cut down on bio waste that your facility generates.

*Bundle your services: Some management companies will offer other services such as document shredding. When these are bundled with medical waste disposal services, the price can be more economical, allowing you to cut costs.

*Understand the regulations: Read the regulatory guide very carefully to determine what constitutes medical waste, and what can be disposed of in the regular waste bin. Some things that you think are medical waste may not be. For example, in some cases, used bandages with visible blood is not considered bio waste. If you have specific questions, it’s best to contact the regulatory body first before deciding on your own.

When you choose bio waste disposal in Jupiter, ask them specific questions about how much they charge, how often they will be coming (this will largely depend on the type of facility you have and how much waste it generates) and any specific reduction plans they can help you put in place.

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