Keep Customers Coming Back for the Latest in Wholesale Handbags

As anyone in the fashion industry knows, success at selling accessories depends on keeping your stock up to date and never resting on your laurels. What’s “hot” varies from season to season—and even within the seasons—and retailers have to stay on top of the trends.

One effective way to survey upcoming trends is to check out the latest offerings from major wholesalers in your area of fashion. To help you keep up with what’s selling in women’s accessories, here is a look at the most popular types of wholesale handbags today:

1. The Rhinestone Bag

This bestselling design features an alternative rhinestone pattern all around the body of the bag. The rhinestones can be used to form a regular pattern, spell out a brand name, or accentuate a more-subtle pattern pressed into the leather. This may be the most popular out of all wholesale handbags on the market this season.

2. The Tassel Bag

Tassels are definitely in this year, as the success of heavily tasseled bags has shown. These models don’t simply use tassels for an accent. Instead, they have long, thick tassels all around the body of the bag, so that the handle and tassels are virtually all that’s visible. Some manufacturers are choosing to dress up the tassels with gems and other ornamentation on the ends.

3. The Picture Perfect Bag

Bags with large illustrations are in this year, too. Unlike past seasons, when shoppers were looking for bags with understated designs or no design at all, people are now choosing bags with bodies that are entirely covered in illustrations. Some favorite illustrations include cityscapes, birds and animals, and rural scenes. The colors tend to be muted or earth tones.

4. The Western Themed Bag

Cowboys and Indians are back in style amongst the beautiful people it seems. Wholesale handbags that channel the aesthetic of the old west are selling better than ever. The in-crowd is embracing bags with desert tones, western-style detailing, and even images of cactuses, guns, and cowboy hats. Look for models with those types of details in boutiques this year.

5. The Simple Clasp & Leather Bag

As ever, a simple leather bag with a nice silver and gold clasp is also in style (not that it ever really went out of style). These bags are typically fashioned from high quality leather, and feature large buckles or clasps that attract attention. This season, simpler bags are channeling the boxy shape of classic attaché cases, giving them a “retro” look and feel. If your store is looking for something that will sell well this season and in seasons to come, this is the easy choice for you.

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