Juvederm Treatments Help Reduce Wrinkles

Juvederm is injected into the face to reduce wrinkles around the smile lines as well as create fullness in the lips. Juvederm in Chicago is one of a number of similar products, all of which are used for cosmetic purposes. Although it is similar to other products on the market tests have shown that it is more successful in accomplishing the desired look, especially when it used around the mouth area. The same studies indicate that of products such as Restylane, Juvederm is favored. Juvederm, like Restylane is made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance found in the human body. Juvederm is a temporary fix for wrinkling and adding fullness to the lips. As it only lasts for six months or so, to maintain the look the injections have to be repeated a couple of times a year. The hyaluronic acid that is used in Juvederm is a pharmacologic product, it is not sourced from humans or animals and it is FDA approved.

The hyaluronic acid works in several ways to reduce wrinkles. The substance acts on natural occurring elastin and collagen in the skin, it has a tendency to make these substances attract more nutrition from the body cells; it also soaks up water which is one of the causes of fullness in areas where there are wrinkles, by absorbing water in the body it helps to smooth out the wrinkles. Collagen is one substance in the body that depletes as people get older, Juvederm in Chicago helps to prevent this from happening, when treatments are consistent it tends to reduce the appearance of more wrinkles.

Although there are few incidents of any meaningful side effects it is highly recommended that the injections be given by a qualified cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist. As you compare the cost from one practitioner to another, if you are offered a price that is considerably lower than the norm you may want to avoid that individual.

Although the side effects are minimal there is always the chance that the skin in the area which was treated may appear slightly red, this is temporary and goes away quickly.

When a person is treated with Juvederm in Chicago the results are instant and dramatic however, the results only last for about six months. Over time the body absorbs the product so to maintain the look additional treatments are needed.

Because the effect is fewer wrinkles, most patients consider this a small price to pay.

For fuller lips and fewer wrinkles you may wish to be treated with Juvederm in Chicago. You are invited to make an appointment with The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery.

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