Items to consider when planning parking lot line striping in Sturbridge, MA

Parking lots without lines can result in chaos. Directing the flow of traffic is critical to business operations. That is why the lines of a parking lot are so important. There are a few things that should be considered when designing the parking lot space and determining where the lines should go.

One of the first things to consider with parking lot line striping in Sturbridge MA is the types of vehicles that will be visiting the business. For example, a feed store should expect to have trucks that are typically larger than a standard vehicle. Therefore, a feed store will require more larger parking spots to accommodate the trucks. In determining the appropriate mix of large and smaller spots, the typical vehicles visiting the business will need to be taken into consideration.

Another item to consider with the parking lot design is the flow of traffic. Traffic flow starts with the turn into the business. The flow should make sense from the road and be easy to follow. It is important to give cars the space they need to back up. Ideally, there should be several options regarding entry points and exit points since having only one can cause a backup.

The configuration of the Parking Lot Line Striping in Sturbridge MA is also another item to think about. There are three basic configurations. These are horizontal lines, vertical lines, and angled lines. Angled lines provide the most parking opportunities and can be easier to back out of. Horizontal lines and vertical lines work really well for handicap spaces and can be easier for larger vehicles to fit into. The appropriate configuration will depend on the amount of parking needed for the business as well as the size and shape of the parking lot.

The design of the parking lot requires looking at multiple aspects. The type of vehicles driven by customers, the flow and direction of traffic, as well as the configuration of the lines are important considerations to keep in mind with the design. Functional design will provide a nice flow that allows vehicles to have plenty of space to park. Check out  for more information on painting lines in the parking lot.

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