Items to Add to Your Checklist When Moving to an Apartment in Baton Rouge

The time has come to move into your own apartment near your college campus. Whether you’re staying there for a semester, a year, or the entire time you’re in school, there are a few things that you want to add to your checklist so that you’re prepared.

The Main Space

Your living room will likely be the center of attention when you live in one of the apartments near Louisiana State University. Since you’ll likely have friends over, watch movies, or do your homework in this room, it should be one that’s comfortable, and that has personality. If you’re sharing your home with someone, then think about the furniture that they want as well as their personal space as they could use the living room for a different purpose. Some of the things that you could include a plush rug, a comfortable couch and chair, and a side table where you can put your laptop and other electronics.

Sleeping Arrangements

Your bedroom should be an area that’s personalized and that features items that are comforting, especially if you begin missing home while living in one of the apartments near Louisiana State University. You’ll want to have a comfortable bed for a good night’s sleep, a small desk, and comfortable chair, a mini-fridge so that you can keep your own items close by, and plenty of linens.


Make your bathroom as refreshing as possible so that you want to get ready each day. Plush rugs for the floor, a bright shower curtain, and matching decorations are options to consider. Make sure you have plenty of over-the-counter medications and toiletries so that you’re prepared for anything.

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